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Turn Ye to Me(2)

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Turn Ye to Me (2)

Turn Ye to Me (2)

 The waves are dancing merrily, playfully
 Singing their song to me, turn ye to me
 The trees are swaying gracefully, peacefully
 Singing through winds to me, turn ye to me
 Mine are the gifts of the land and the sea
 Their trusting and peaceful songs beckon to me
 I love thee sister sea, I love thee brother tree
 Dance ye, sing to me, turn ye to me

 The earth is so beautiful, gives to us, lives with us
 Sings its love song to us, turn ye to me
 We are the guardian dear, rooting there, planting here
 Turning to trust all fear, turn ye to me
 I love your symphony songs of the sea
 I love your dance and song sweet brother tree
 Nothing you have to fear, I hear your song so dear
 I can but shelter thee, sweet sea and tree

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