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This Ol Riverboat

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This Ol' Riverboat

This Ol' Riverboat

 This ol' riverboat walkin up the river
 Keep her steady as you go
 Heave the lead and pay the line
 Now we're markin' on the twine
 Four fathoms below
 Way up the river we go.

 This ol' riverboat walkin' by the levee
 Keep her steady as you go
 Think I hear the captain say,
 Full ahead we're on our way
 Three fathoms below
 Way up the river we go.

     Keep on a-movin' gotta beat ol' Dixie
     Or we'll come back empty I know
     Way down the river I can hear her whistle blow.

 This ol' riverboat churnin' muddy water
 Ease er' down and take it slow
 Can't you hear that rumblin' sound
 Lord, I think we've run aground
 No fathoms below
 You'd better pray it isn't so.

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