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This Time Again

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This Time Again

This Time Again
(Anne Gregson, Bradford on Avon, England)

 Cho:     This time again, this time again
     We'll not see this time again. 2x

 In all the world there'll never be
 Such a time as this again.
 For who can tell what will befall
 Before we meet again.

 There will be changes to our lives
 Maybe sorrows and maybe joys.
 And many bridges to be crossed
 Before we meet again.

 I'll see your likeness everywhere
 In the face of every friend.
 I'll hear your voice in quiet lands
 Until we meet again.

 From the injustice all around
 And the sorrows and the pain.
 A better time will surely come
 Before we meet again.

 So take good care in all you do
 And keep your spirits high.
 My thoughts will always be with you
 Until we meet again.

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