Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
There Was a Piper Had a Coo

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There Was a Piper Had a Coo

There Was a Piper Had a Coo

     There was a piper had a coo,
       And he'd no hay to gie her.
     He took his pipes and played a tune,
       Consider, auld coo, consider.

     The coo considered verra weel,
       For she gave the piper a penny,
     That he might play the tune again
       Of Corn Rigs are Bonny.

     Nicht at Eenie (1932), 15; Montgomerie SNR (1946), 87
     (no. 108).  Gregor (1881), 133, has a few differs: 2 he hid
     nocht 4 An bad her weel consider. 6 An gave 7 T' play
     the same tune ouer again 8 The corn rigs.  ODNR 351
     (no. 416).

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