Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
At It Again

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At It Again

At It Again

Though Geordie's a man I hav'ny seen lately
I met with his brother in Tain
Says I, "Do you think that he's still off the drink?"
"Oh no, he's at it again!"

cho: Aye we telt him and aye we warned him
     And aye he promised but then
     At the turn o yer back he'd be right off the track
     And noo he's at it again!

I asked him, "Is Geordie still makin' good whiskey?"
He's prone to distill now and then
"He'd been testin' a sup and near blew he's sel' up
But noo he's at it again!"

Geordie's the man for courtin' the ladies
He's tall and handsome but vain
He wed five or six but they tired of his tricks
And noo he's at it again!

I remember when Geordie discovered the horses
Then swore no to back them again
All his horses got bate, he had a devil of hate
But noo he's at it again!

The baliff caught Geordie doon poachin' the salmon
And off to the court he was taen
But the truth for to tell, he'd a rest in his cell
And noo he's at it again!

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