Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Air Falalalo

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Air Falalalo

Air Falalalo

There's lilt in the song I sing, there's laughter and love
There's tang of the sea, and blue from Heaven above!
Of reason there's none; and why should there be, for why?
As long as there's fire in the blood, and light in the eye!

cho: Air falalalo horo, air falalalay (3X)
     Falee, falo, horo, air falalalay!

The heather's ablaze wi' bloom, the myrtle is sweet
There's song in the air; the road's a song at our feet!
So step it along as light as the bird on the wing!
And, stepping along, let's join our voices and sing:

And whether the blood be Highland, Lowland or no,
And whether the hue be black or white as the snow;
Of kith and of kin, we are One, be it right, be it wrong,
If only our hearts beat true to the lilt of the song!

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