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cho: Adalida, purty little Cajun queen, sweet dixie flower,
     The belle of the bayou you're every young mans dream,
     Adalida, I'd walk through a hurricane to stand beside you
     Sweet Adalida, I'd swim the Ponchartrain.

Oh no, here you're commin down the road,
With your cotton dress a swishin
You're gettin some attention from all the boys from Tebeno,
Oh my, you're really filling up their eyes a smilin
And a winkin I known what they're thinkin,
But I'm the only one who loves you so.

Oh no, hottest little dish you know,
I know you can tell it
You're makin me so jealous from my head down to my toes,
Oh me, you could make a red neck green,
The way that you're a lookin you got me a cookin
And I ain't talking bout eutoffe.
The last lines to the second chorus goes:

I'd walk through a hurricane to stand beside you sweet
Adalida, I'd swim the Ponchartrain, to stand beside you
sweet Adalida, to stand beside you sweet Adalida
just to stand beside of my sweet Adalida I'd swim the Ponchartrain.

Sung by:  George Strait
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