Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
As We Were Asailing

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As We Were Asailing

As We Were Asailing

As we were a-sailing unto the Spanish shore,
Where the drums they did beat, my boys, and loud the guns did roar,
We spied our lofty enemies come bearing down the main,
Which caused us to hoist our topsails again.

There was a gallant damsel, a damsel of fame
She was daughter of the captain and Nancy was her name,
She stood on the deck, my boys, and gallantly she calls,
Oh stand to your guns, my boys, and load with cannon-balls.

Oh broadside to broadside to battle then we went,
To sink one another it was our intent
The very second broadside our captain got slain
And the damsel she stood up there his place to maintain.

We fought for a watch, for a watch so severe
We had scarcely a man left able for to steer
We scarcely had a man left could fire of a gun
And the blood from our deck like a river did run.

For quarter, for quarter, the Spanish lads did cry
No quarter, no quarter, the damsel did reply
You've had the best of quarter that I can afford
You must fight, sink or swim, boys, or jump overboard.

Now the battle is over, we'll drink a can of wine
And you will drink to your love, and I will drink to mine;
Good health unto the damsel who fought upon the main,
And here's to the royal ship, the Rainbow by name.

From Room For Company, Palmer
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