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Ashton Mashers

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The Ashton Mashers

The Ashton Mashers

We are the two Ashton Mashers,
We often go out on the bash,
We wear no tall hats and no shirts to our backs,
It's seldom we have any cash.
We always try out the new fashions,
While others they stick to the old,
And though we are just twenty-seven,
We are handsome, stout-hearted and bold.

     And we sing - tra-la-la-la-la, as we walk down the street,
     For style and perfection we ne'er can be beat,
     All the ladies declare, that we are a treat,
     We're the two Ashton Mashers from Back Preston Street.

     And we dance, and we sing,
     And we don't care a jot, we're a jolly fine lot,
     We're all right, when we're tight,
     And we're jolly good company.

Last Saturday we were invited,
To the steamer by two ladies fair,
Their cheeks were in bloom, as the roses in June,
As we danced with that beautiful pair.
We had dancing and singing 'til midnight,
We had whisky, tobacco and rum,
Then after the dancing was over,
With those ladies we had lots of fun,

From Harry Boardman
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