Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Au Claire de la Lune(2)

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Au Claire de la Lune (2)

Au Claire de la Lune (2)

English translation No. 1: Anonymous

"At thy door I'm knocking, by the pale moonlight
Lend a pen, I pray thee, I've a word to write
Guttered is my candle, my fire burns no more
For the  love of heaven, open up the door!"

Pierrot cried in answer by the pale moonlight
"In my bed I'm lying, late & chill at night
Yonder at my neighbour's, someone is astir
Fire is freshly kindled, get a light from her."

To the neighbour's house then, by the pale moonlight
Goes our gentle Lubin to beg a pen to write
"Who knocks there so softly?" calls a voice above
"Open wide your door now for the God of Love!"

Seek they pen and candle by the pale moonlight
They can see so little since dark is now the night
What they find while seeking, that is not revealed
All behind her door is carefully concealed!

English Translation No. 2: Dorothy H. Patterson, C 1988

"Underneath the moonlight, Pete my dearest friend
Help me out this once, pal.  Won't you lend your pen?
My electric's out and so I have no light
For the love of God, Pete, open up tonight!"

Underneath the moonlight, Peter he replied,
"I ain't got no pen, Harl, I'm in bed - Good night!
Go bother my neighbour, I 'm sure that she's there
Warming up her wood stove, by the kitchen stair."

Underneath the moonlight, Harlequin stayed out
Knocked at the brunette's house, then he heard her shout
"Who is out there knocking?"  "'Me," said Harlequin
"For the God of love, dear, please let me come in."

Underneath the moonlight, one can just discern
Someone hunting pens, someone a light to burn
Looking for these things, I don't know what they'll find
But I know the door closed.  And then?  Never mind!!!

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