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Aileen Aroon 3

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Aileen Aroon 3

Aileen Aroon 3

Ducatu non vanutu Aileen Aroon,
San ducatu non vanutu Aileen Aroon;
     Ducatu nun vanutu, Ducata non vanutu,
     Ducatu, ducatu, ducatu, ducatu non vanutu,
O ducatu non vanutu, Aileen Aroon.

Kead mille faltierote Aileen Aroon,
Kead mille faltierote Aileen Aroon;
     Kead mille faltierote, Schat mille faltierote,
     Oct mille nee mille, deh mille faltierote,
O faltiegus fine root [rote] Aileen Aroon.

Tuca me sni anna me sgramachree hu,
O tuca me sni anna me sgramachree hu,
     Tucca me sni anna me, tucca me sni anna me,
     Tuca me, tucca me, tuca me sni anna me
O tuca me sni anna me sgramachree hu.

     The first verse was printed to the tune by Domenico Corri in
<<A Select Collection of the Most Esteemed Songs>>, Vol. III, p.
21, Edinburgh, n. d. [c 1798]

   The song is in Gaelic, spelled phonetically, and apparently in
Ulster dialect.
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