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Alberts Return

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Albert's Return

Albert's Return
(Marriot Edgar)

You've `eard `ow young Albert Ramsbottom
At the zoo up at Blackpool one year
With a stick with an `orse's `ead `andle
Gave a lion a poke in the ear?
  The name of the lion was Wallace,
  The poke in the ear made `im wild
  And before you could say "Bob's yer uncle"
 E'd upped and `e'd swallowed the child.
`E were sorry the moment `e done it;
With children `e'd always been chums,
And besides, `e'd no teeth in his muzzle,
And `e couldn't chew Albert on't gums.
  `E could feel the lad movin' inside `im
  As `e lay on `is bed of dried ferns;
  And it might `ave been little lad's birthday-
 E wished `im such `appy returns.
But Albert kept kickin' and fightin'-
And Wallace got up, feelin' bad.
Decided 'twere time that `e started
To stage a comeback for the lad.
  Then puttin' `ead down in one corner,
  On `is front paws `e started to walk;
  And `e coughed, and `e sneezed, and `e gargled
  `Till Albert shot out - like a cork!
Now Wallace felt better directly
And `is figure once more became lean.
But the only difference with Albert
Was, `is face and `is `ands were quite clean.
  Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. Ramsbottom
  `Ad gone back to their tea, feelin' blue.
  Ma said, "I feel down in the mouth, like."
  Pa said, "Aye, I bet Albert does, too."
Said Mother, "It just goes to show yer
That the future is never revealed;
If I'd thowt we was goin' to lose `im,
I'd `ave not `ad `is boots soled and `eeled."
  "Let's look on the bright side," said Father,
  "Wot can't be `elped must be endured;
  Each cloud `as a silvery lining,
  And we did `ave young Albert insured."
A knock on the door came that moment
As Father these kind words did speak.
`Twas the man from Prudential - `e'd come for
Their tuppence per person per week.
  When Father saw `oo `ad been knockin',
  `E laughed, and `e kept laughin` so -
  The man said "`Ere, wot's there to laugh at?"
  Pa said "You'll laugh and all when you know!"
"Excuse `im for laughing," said Mother,
"But really, things `appen so strange -
Our Albert's been et by a lion;
You've got to pay us for a change!"
  Said the young man from the Prudential:
  "Now, come, come, let's understand this-
  You don't mean to say that you've lost `im?"
  Pa said "Oh, no, we know where `e is!"
When the young man `ad `eard all the details,
A purse from `is pocket he drew
And `e paid them with interest and bonus
The sum of nine pounds, four and two.
  Pa `ad scarce got `is `and on the money
  When a face at the window they see-
  And Mother cried "Eee, look, it's Albert!"
  And Father said "Aye, it would be."
Albert came in all excited,
And started `is story to give;
And Pa said "I'll never trust lions
Again, not as long as I live."
  The young man from the Prudential
  To pick up the money began
  But Father said "`ere, wait a moment,
  Don't be in a `urry, young man."
Then giving young Albert a shilling,
`E said "`Ere, pop off back to the zoo;
Get your stick with the `orse's `ead `andle-
Go and see wot the tigers can do!"
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