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Ali Boogie

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Ali Boogie

Ali Boogie

I boogied last night, and the night before
I'm going back tonight and boogie some more.

Chorus: Ali Boogie is all that I crave.
        Good old Ali Boogie will drive me to my grave.

Momma's on the bottom, poppa's on the top,
Baby's in the attic filling rubbers with snot.

Momma's on the bottom, poppa's on the top,
Baby's in the crib yelling, "Shove it to her, Pop!"

Momma's in the hospital, poppa's in jail,
Sister's on the corner crying, "Pussy for sale!"

I got a gal about six-foot-four,
She f***s everything like a two-bit whore.

I got a gal lives over the hill.
She won't do it, but her sister will.

Daddy's got a watch, momma's got a ring,
Sister's got a baby from shaking that thing.

One and one makes two--two and two makes four,
If the bed breaks down, we'll f*** on the floor.

(The Dirty Song Book by Jerry Silverman)
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