Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Sleepy Peedie Laddie

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Sleepy Peedie Laddie

Sleepy Peedie Laddie

Lies low the sun and shadows tall
  across the fields are creepin'
And soon the big round yellow moon
  will o'er the brae come deepin'
Haste ye noo, lay by your barrow,
  Daddy'l mend the broken wheel tomorrow
Come ye in and get ye bedded doon,
  It's time my lad was sleepin'.

Come put ye on your wee white goon  (gown)
  afore the peat fire cheery,
I'll gang the mornin' tae the toon  (town)
  for sweeties for my dearie
Hush ye noo and stop your sighin'
  Or Wee Willie Winkie'll come a-pryin'
Snug ye doon, my lad, and sleep ye soond  (sound)
  For mommie's sittin' near ye.

He's played all day wi' golden sun,
  and weary is my laddie
His curly head is noddin',
  and he's greetin' for his daddy.
Wist ye noo, my brave wee fellow,
  tears'll wet your cozy cozy pillow
Close your eyes while Mother sings to you,
  My sleepy peedie laddie.

Go softly, softly, ane and all,
  and gentle wi' your speakin'
He's turned his wee face to the wall
  And ceased his plaintive weepin'
Dream ye sweet, my bonny fellow,
  Eyes so blue and hair so yellow yellow
Hush now, lightly let your footsteps fall,
  for my wee laddie's sleepin'.

From an album of folk songs from the Orkney Isles.
A very nice lullaby.  "Peedie" is the Orkney equivalent of "wee", apparently.
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