Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Slaughter of the Laird of Mellerstain

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The Slaughter of the Laird of Mellerstain

The Slaughter of the Laird of Mellerstain

As they came in by the Eden side
They heard a lady lamenting sair
Bewailing the time she was a bride.

A stately youth of blude and lane
John Hately, the laird of Mellerstain.

"Cowdenknowes, had ye nae lack?
And Earlstoun, had ye nae shame?
Ye took him away beside my back
But ye never saw tae bring him hame"

And she has lookit to Fieldiesha
So has she through Yirdandstane
She lookit to Earlstoun, and she saw the fans,
But he's coming hame by West Gordon.

And she staggerd and she stood

... wude
How can I keep my wits
When I look on my husband's blood?"

"Had we been men as we are women
And been at his back when he was slain
It should a been tauld for mony a lang year
The slaughter of the laird of Mellerstain."

Child #230
This incomplete copy is all that Child found.
The murder occurred in 1603.
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