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Some Say the deIls Deid

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Some Say the de'Il's Deid

Some Say the de'Il's Deid

Some say the deil's deid,
The deil's deid, the deil's deid,
Some say the deil's deid,
And buried in Kirkcaldy.

Some say he'll rise again,
Rise again, rise again,
Some say he'll rise again,
And dance the Hieland Laddie.

Nicht at Eenie (1932), 4; Montgomerie SNR (1946), 81
(no. 94); Chambers PRS (1847), 312, (1870) 383, has the
past tense in stanza 2: "he's risen again . . .  and
danced"; a version quoted by Scott "when the exciting
news burst upon Europe that Bonaparte had miraculously
escaped from Elba", cited from Tait's Magazine.
Indicated tune, The Birks of Abergeldy.
A variant of the second part is "Some say he rose again...
and joined the English Army", while in Ireland one may hear
"Killarney" [e.g. Kane (1983), 110], and the "British Army".
[John MacPherson, Garland of Folk Songs, 27, with music - the
first strain of The Keel Row.]
Cf. also note to "O sic a hurry-burry!"

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