Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Song of the Seals

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Song of the Seals

Song of the Seals

A sea maid sings on yonder reef
The spell bound seals draw near
A lilt that lures beyond belief
Mortals enchanted hear

  Coir an oir an oir an oir o
  Coir an oir an oir an eer o
  Coir an oir an oir an ee lalyuran
  Coir an oir an oir an eer o

The wandering ploughman halts his plough
The maid her milking stays
And sheep on hillside, bird on bough
Pause and listen in amaze

Was it a dream? Were all asleep?
Or did she cease her lay?
For the seals with a splash dive into the deep
And the world goes on again
Yet lingers the refrain

sung by Jean Redpath
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