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Stagolee was a bad man,
Ev'rybody knows.
Spent one hundred dollars
Just to buy him a suit of dothes.
     He was a bad man
     That mean old Stagolee

Stagolee shot BiUy de Lyons
What do you think about that?
Shot him down in cold blood
Because he stole his Stetson hat;
     He was a bad ma@
     That mean old Stagolee

Billy de Lyons said, Stagolee
Please don't take my life
I've got two little babes
And a darling, loving wife;
     You are a bad man
     You mean old Stagolee.

What do I care about your two little babes,
Your darling loving wife?,
You done stole my Stetson hat
I'm bound to take your life;
     He was a bad man,
     That mean old Stagolee.

The judge said, Stagolee,
What you doing in here?,
You done shot Mr. Billy de Lyons,
You going to die in the electric chair;
     He was a bad man
     That mean old Stagolee.

Twelve o'clock they killed him
Head reached up high
Last thing that poor boy said,
"My six-shooter never lied."
     He was a bad man,
     That mean old Stagolee.

DT #663
Laws I15
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