Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Bring Home the Bacon Baby

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Bring Home the Bacon, Baby

Bring Home the Bacon, Baby

Bring home the Bacon, Baby
And then get out the pan.
Just bring in the Roast Beef, Pal
And you can be my handy man.
Fetch down the skillet, Hon
And open up the Spam.
Bring home the Bacon, Babe
Or I'm off to Alabam.

You just round up Pork Chops, Honey
And see that they get tanned.
And you'd better bag some Meatballs, Darlin'
It's supply side and demand.
You'd best procure Fried Chicken, Sugar
I eat all that I can.
You bring home that Bacon, Babe
Or I'm movin' to Spokane.

Rustle up some Chitterlins, Sweetheart
And not from any Can.
Snag a raft of Slim Jims, Angel
They's some out in the van.
Microwave some Corn Dogs, Sweetcakes
No mealy-mouthed off brand.
You bring home the Bacon, Babe
Or I'm off to Pakistan.

They's a big sale down to Meat Town,
Precious, fill up your sedan.
Twenty pounds of Beef, Beloved
Fills my attention span.
Check the deli counter, Cherished
Procure a Leg-O-Lamb.
You bring home the Bacon, Babe
Or it's back to Birmingham.

    There ain't no ham like Birmingham:
    Think about it, Darlin'

(Fast guitar run, and out)

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