Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Buying a Bride

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Buying a Bride

Buying a Bride

"Come all you kind husbands who have scolding wives,
Who through living together are tired of your lives,
If you cannot persuade her nor good natured make her
Place a rope round her neck and to market pray take her.

"Should anyone bid when she's offered for sale,
Let her go for a trifle lest she should get stale,
If sixpence be offered and that's all can be had,
Let her go for the same and not keep a lot bad."

"Now come, jolly neighbours, let's dance, sing and play,
And away to the neighbouring wedding, away.
All the world is assembled, the young and the old,
To see the fair beauty that is to be sold.

"So sweet and engaging the lady did seem,
The market with bidders did presently teem,
A tailor sung out that his goose he would sell,
To buy the fair lady - he loved her so well.

"But a gallant young publican fifteen pounds did pay
And with the young lady he marched away.
Then they drank and caroused and rejoiced all day,
The glass passed around and the piper did play.

"Success to this couple and, to keep up the fun,
May the bumpers fly round at the birth of a son.
Long life to them both in peace and content,
May their days and their nights forever be spent."

printed in novel "Darkness of Corn" by Caroline Stickland
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