Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Brisk Young Lad

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Brisk Young Lad

Brisk Young Lad

And oh but he was a brisk young lad
A brisk young lad and a bra young lad
Oh but he was a bra young lad
Come seekin' me tae woo

There come a young lad te my daddy's door
My daddy's door, my daddy's door
There come a young lad te my daddy's door
Come seekin' meety woo

And I was peekin' when he come
When he come, oh when he come
I took him in then I ga'im a scone
Te thaw his frozen moo'

Well I sat him doon beside the bank
I ga' im mil' and ale for to drink
But ne'er a place thine were de plank
Before the wain was foo

Well go your way ya cold right world
Ya silly lookin' cold right world
A straight way showed him te the door
Sayin' come te me tae woo

Well the lad jumped up a'fore the door
A'fore the door, a'fore the door
Well the lad jumped up a'fore the door
And there he tripped and fell

And oot came the old man and 'ow did he look
And oot came the old wife 'ow did she shout
Another two neighbors were ga'up the bout
And there he lay, it's true

And it's oot came I wi'a sneer and a smile
I said young man, you're all beguiled
You come here to woo, now you're all defiled
And will hae ne' near or you

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