Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Boy Full of Promise

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A Boy Full of Promise

A Boy Full of Promise

A boy full of promise, so you were known
A promising man to be
But the seeds are sown ere the sprouts are grown
Where the Lax river seeks the sea
You could swim like a seal and hunt the chase
Fight like your foes were cursed
But in contest or race you've got second place
For Kjartan your cousin was first
     Bolli, Bolli Thorleikson, why do you look so mild?
     You're the best of friends, but where friends    ends
     You'd like to win once in a while

Gudrun the Proud was in Kjartan's grip
She was to be his bride
But he fitted his ship, took you on the trip
And told her she must abide
Two years in Norway, great honor's earned
But you sailed home alone
Gudrun was spurned, Kjartan wouldn't return
So you took her for your own
     Bolli, Bolli Thorleikson, why do you look so black?
     You can tell by the horn on the very next morn
     He's come back-- he's back

Why did you have to stay in that place
With Kjartan just down the road
Would losing face be a greater disgrace
Than watching respect erode?
The slights and the slurs grew like gathering clouds
Hatred it built like the wind
One so proud ne'er say it aloud--
She'd never rest till the killings begin
     Bolli, Bolli Thorleikson, why do you look so spent
     You can't keep to your farm when her brothers have armed
     And who knows where this will end

Five brothers riding, a deadly pack
Sixth blade they hope you'll provide
When they start the attack you plan to hold back
But you know there's no place to hide
Five men beaten by one man's skill
Then you stepped forth as they bid
Kjartan laid down his steel saying strike if you will
And you did-- you did!
     Bolli, Bolli Thorleikson, why do you look so fierce
     You cradled his head till you knew he was dead
     But you could not find your tears

Back now quickly to Gudrun's side
Back now you hope to her heart
But many have died for a woman's pride

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