Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Brother Ephus

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Brother Ephus

Brother Ephus

Brothers and sisters one and all
Ain't you gonna listen to the giver's call
The giver's call on the Judgment Day
Poor little Moses goin' away

   Say, where you goin', Moses
   None o' your business
   Come here, Moses
   I ain't a-gonna do it
   Brother Ephus got a coon and gone on, gone on, gone on
   Brother Ephus got a coon and gone on, left me barking up a tree

Boil my coffee good and strong
Bake my hoecakes good and done
Make me a feather bed and make it up right
Old brother Johnson coming here tonight

Oh, what kind of slippers do the angels wear
Golden slippers to skate on air
They wear fine slippers and they wear fine socks
Drop every nickel in the missionary's box

Now, some folks say that a preacher won't steal
But I caught two in my watermelon field
The were preaching and a-praying and a-singing all the time
Slipping them watermelons off the vine

Heard first from Hedy West, probably at UCLA in 1972.  Learned from
a tape of one of her records.  JN
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