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Bury New Loom

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The Bury New Loom

The Bury New Loom

As I walked between Bolton and Bury it was on a moonshiny night,
I met with a buxom young weaver whose company gave me delight,
She says young fellow come tell me if your level and rule are in tune,
Come give me your answer correct can you get up and square my new loom.

I said my dear lassie believe me I am a good joiner by trade,
And many's the good loom and shuttle before in my time I have laid,
Your short lams & jacks and your long lams I quickly will have them in tune,
My rule it is in a good order to get up and square a new loom.

Well she took me and showed me her loom and the down on her warp did appear,
The lam-jacks and nails put in motion I levelled her loom to a hair,
My shuttle ran well in her lathe sir my thread it worked well up and down,
My level stood close to her breastbone the time I was squaring her loom.

Well the cord on my lam-jacks and treadles at length it began to give way,
The bobbin I had in my shuttle the weft in it no longer would stay,
Her lathe it went bang
My pickers went knickety-knack all the time I was reiving her loom.

Well my shuttle it still kept in motion my lams she worked well up and down,
The weights in her rods they did tremble she said she would weave a new
My strength now began for to fail me I said lass it's right to a hair,
She turned up her eyes and said Tommy my loom you have got pretty square.

But when she let go her four loom poles it flew out of order again,
She said bring your rule and your level and help me to square it again,
I said my dear lassie I'm sorry for I must be in Bolton by noon,
But when I come back in this way lass I'll square up your jerry and loom.

Trad: English
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