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Bramble and the Rose

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The Bramble and the Rose

The Bramble and the Rose
(Barbara Keith)

Verse 1:

G                        D
We have been so close together
C       D               G
Each a candle, each a flame.
G                        D
All the dangers were outside us,
C        D               G
And we knew them all by name.

    G    D        C              G
    See how the bramble and the rose
    C      D
    G      D            C            G
    Love grows like a bramble and a rose
D               G
    Round each other we will twine.

Verse 2:
Now I've hurt you, and it hurts me
Just to see what we can do
To ourselves and to each other
Without really meaning to.
Verse 3:
So put your arms around me
And we'll sing a true love song.
We will learn to sing together,
Sing and laugh the whole night long.

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