Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane

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Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane

Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane

Burd Ellen sits in her bower windowe,
   With a double laddy double
   And for the double dow
Twisting the red silk and the blue
   With the double rose and the May-hay.

And whiles she twisted and whiles she twan
And whiles the tears fell down amang.

Till once thee by cam Young Tamlane
"Come light, oh light, and rock your young son."

"If you winna roack him, you may not let him rair,
For I hae rockit my share and more."


Young Tamlane to the seas he's gane,
And a' women's curse in his company gane.

Child #28
From Child, from Motherwell
This is all Child had.
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