Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Bonnie Wee Mary

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Bonnie Wee Mary

Bonnie Wee Mary

Bonnie wee Mary, pretty wee Mary,
Bonnie wee Mary Shaw,
O what will come tae a the toon,
When Mary gaes awa?

O some will greet, and some will lauch,
And some say nocht ava;
And some will break their very hearts,
When Mary gaes awa.

Montgomerie SC (1948), 111 (No. 177), from Berwick. A
version of the next item.  Ritchie Golden City (1965), 17,
from Edinburgh, has "Jeanie"; with other vars.: 1.2 Nice 1.3
What will a' the laddies dae 2.1 meet...greet 2.2 some will
run awa'; 2.3 That's what a' the laddies'll dae.  This is
"often sung when some playmate is flitting out of the

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