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Hand Me Down My Walkin Cane

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Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane

Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane

cho: Hand me down (hand me down) my walkin' cane (my walkin' cane)(2x)
     Hand me down my walkin' cane, I'm a gonna leave on the midnite train
     All of my sins been taken away, taken away.

Yonder comes a man (yonder comes a man) across the field (across the field)
Yonder comes a man across the field, kickin' up dust like an automobile
All of my sins, etc.

If I had listened (repeat) what mama said (repeat)
If I had listened what mama said, I'd be sleeping in a feather bed
All of my sins, etc.

Hell is deep, and hell is wide
Hell is deep and hell is wide, ain't got no bottom ain't got no sides
All of my sins, etc.

Hand me down my walkin' cane
I'm gonna leave on the midnight train

Hand me down my bottle of corn
I won't be home till the early morn
(or "Gonna get drunk as sure as you're born")

I got drunk and I landed in jail (3)
Had nobody for to go my bail

Well the beans was tough and the meat was fat (3)
Oh good lord I cain't eat that

If I'd listened to what my mama said* (3)
I'd been sleepin' in a feather bed

Hand me down my rockin' chair (3)
I'm gonna rock on outta here
All of my sins are taken away

note: Norman Blake changes the tag line to "My sins they have
overtaken me" BT

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