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He Rambled

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He Rambled

He Rambled

My mother raised three grown sons, Buster, Bill, and I,
Buster was the black sheep of the family
My mother tried to break him of his rough and rowdy ways
Finally had to get the judge to give him 90 days,

CHO:  And then he rambled, rambled,
      Rambled all around
      In and out of town,
      And then he rambled, rambled,
      He rambled till the butchers cut him down.

He rambled in a gamblin game he gambled on the green
The gamblers there showed him a trick that he had never seen
He lost his roll and jewelry and liked to lost his life
He lost the car that carried him there and somebody stole his wife...

He rambled in a swell hotel his appetite was stout
And when he refused to pay the bill the landlord kicked him out
He reached for a brick to smack him with and when he went to stop
The landlord kicked him over a fence right in a barrel of slop

(from Frank Romano)
Chorus combined into Darby Ram [SOF]
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