Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Here I Sit

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Here I Sit

Here I Sit

Here I sit and wait for you,
Neath the spreading branches.
Cool the grass with shade and dew
Sunlight on me dances.

Ai lee leeha leehi ly
Now my voice is ringing
Ai lee leeha leehi ly
Songs to you I'm singing

Fall is in the air today
Hear the wild geese crying
Don't delay come out and play
Snow will soon be flying.

I learned this as yet another Girl Scout song from Colorado, late sixties. We sa
ng the chorus the same both times, though, and there were minor word differences
We sang it in two parts, the second part coming in "and wait" in the first line
like an echo. The only title I've ever known for the song is "Here I Sit." (Not
to be confused with "Buttermilk Hill" in the DT.)

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