Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Heart of Midlothian

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Heart of Midlothian

Heart of Midlothian

 In the capital of Scotland, by the great kirk of St. Giles
 There lies a heart for all to see within the royal mile
 Now many men have stood here from the humble to the grand
 And it's known as the heart of Midlothian.

 It's a heart that's ever beating, it's a heart that's ever high
 It's the pride of Scotland's glory, and it's fame will never die
 On the spot within the royal mile with pride let Scotsmen stand
 For here is the heart of Midlothian.

 To the west there stands a castle famed in age old history
 And to the east a palace fair and royal yet to see
 While north, south, east, and west, you'll find you're in your native land
 When you stand at the heart of Midlothian

 Repeat Chorus twice

as sung by Andy Stewart, on Capitol 10320 (mid 60s?)
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