Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Happy Dick

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Happy Dick

Happy Dick
(M. Wood Hill)

Whence comes it, neighbor Dick,
That you with youth uncommon,
Have served the girls this trick
And married an old woman?
Happy Dick!

Each belle condemns the choice
Of a youth so gay and sprightly;
But we, your friends, rejoice,
That you have judged so rightly;
Happy Dick!

Beauty, we know, will fade,
As doth the short liv'd hour;
Nor can the fairest maid
Insure her bloom an hour:
Happy Dick!

Then wisely you resign
For sixty, charms so transient;
As the curious value coin
The more for being ancient:
Happy Dick!

With joy your spouse shall see
The fading beauties round her,
And she herself still be
The same that first you found her:
Happy Dick!

Oft is the married state
With jealousies attended;
And hence through foul debate,
Are nuptial joys suspended:
Happy Dick!

But you with such a wife,
No jealous fears are under;
She's yours alone for life,
Or much we all shall wonder:
Happy Dick!

Her death would grieve you sore,
But let not that torment you;
My life, she'll see fourscore,
If that will but content you!
Happy Dick!

On this you may rely,
For the pains you took to win her,
She'll ne'er in childbed die,
Unless the d---l's in her:
Happy Dick!

Some have the name of hell,
to matrimony given;
How falsely you can tell,
Who found it such a heaven:
Happy Dick!

With you each day and night,
Is crown'd with joy and gladness;
While envious virgins bite
Their heated sheets for madness:
Happy Dick!

With spouse long share the bliss
Y'had miss'd in any other;
And when you've buried this,
May you have such another:
Happy Dick!

Observing hence, by you,
In marriage such decorum,
Our wiser youth shall do
As you have done before 'em
Happy Dick!
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