Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Hells Gate

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Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate

Now good Christians young and old, oh give ear unto my solo
These few lines I will unfold oh come listen unto me
It's in tears ye should lament what a sinful life you spent
Now it's time for to repent and think on eternity.

Now good Christians well ye know oh our poor souls they are exposed on
In every sinful motion by which we take the life
What; cursing and blaspheming, cheating and bewailing
And injuring your neighbours both rnorning noon, and night.

O the Holy Sabbath Day, it Was God himself who made it
With pious words and prayer that Sabbath Day should keep
Join in the congregation with pious expectation
The holy allegation the Mass we should attend.

But instead of Mass on Sunday, you spend your time till Monday
Drinking and plundering on our poor families
The sin that we violated, promise allegation
Has brought a destination unto our country,

But hell's gates they will be opened with fire and serpents roaring
And burning flames of brimstone for to increase the flame
Oh your sinful soul shall mourn once in hell there's no return
And you will weep and mourn bound down in firy chains.

Now they pierced the hands and feet oh of our redeemer sweet one
On the cross of thirty feet they nailed with all iron pins
They crowned his head with thorns they treated him with scorn
All this our great redeemer did suffer for our sins,

So, good christians all prepare for the time is drawing nearer
When judgment on Mount Calvary you all have to attend
0n the right hand there stands Satan; on the left your guardian angel
Before the throne of Mankind you all have to attend.

For your sins you can't deny them it's useless for to try then
For they are pinned in black and white all on our foreheads bare
So prepare now for confession say penance and contrition
And God will grant you pardon on that last Judgment day.

From the singing of the Kenny Family from Kitchuses, NFLD

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