Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Silver Whistle

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Silver Whistle

Silver Whistle

                           (Circa 1745?)
                                -recorded by The Silly Sisters

        Ah, who will play the Silver Whistle?
        When my King's son to sea is going?
        As Scotland prepares; prepares his coming!
        Upon a dark ship on the ocean......

        The ship it has three masts of silver
        With ropes so light, of French silk woven!
        So bonnie then, are six golden pulleys
        To bring my King's son ashore, and landing.....

        When my King's son he comes back home
        No bruising stones will put before him!
        Loaves of bread, bread will be baking
        For Charles, with eyes so blue, enticing.......

        Ah, welcome to you, Fame and Honour!
        Pipes with tunes of joy attend you!
        I will be dancing! I will be singing!
        And I will play the Silver Whistle.............

        And I will play the Silver Whistle!

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