Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Sile Ni Ghrada(Sheila Nee Iyer)

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Sile Ni Ghrada (Sheila Nee Iyer)

Sile Ni Ghrada (Sheila Nee Iyer)

It was on the banks of a clear flowing stream
That first I accosted that comely young dame
And in great confusion I did ask her name
Are you Flora, Aurora, or the fame queen of Tyre?
She answered "I'm neither, I'm Sheila Nee Iyer"

"Go rhyming, rogue, let my flocks roam in peace
You won't find among them that famed Golden Fleece
The tresses of Helen, that goddess of Greece
have hanked round your heart like a doll of desire
Be off to your speirbhean", said Sheila Nee Iyer.

"May the sufferings of Sisyphus fall to my share
And may I the torments of Tantalus bear
To the dark land of Hades let my soul fall an heir
Without linnet in song or a note on the lyre
If ever I prove false to you, Sheila Nee Iyer."

"Oh had I the wealth of the Orient store
Or the gems of Peru or the Mexican ore
Or the hand of the Midas to mould o'er and o'er
Bright bracelets of gold and of flaming sapphire
I'd robe you in splendour my Sheila Nee Iyer."

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