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Side By Side

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Side By Side

Side By Side

We got married on, Sunday,
The party didn't finish till, Monday,
And when the guests had gone home,
We were all alone, Side by side.

Well we got ready for bed then,
And I very nearly dropped dead when,
Her teeth and her hair, she placed on the chair,
Side by side.

     Well the shock did very near kill me,
     When a glass eye did fall,
     Then her leg and then her arm,
     She placed against the chair (wall?),

Well this left me broken hearted,
For most of my wife had departed,
So I slept on the chair,
There was more of her there,
Side by Side.

Note: yet another dismantled bride song. Accorfing to Tawney (Grey
  Funnel Lines) popular in Royal Navy in WWII.
From several sources, including mine own imperfect memory. RG
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