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Shule Aroon

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Shule Aroon

Shule Aroon

I'll dye my dress, I'll dye it red
And o'er this wide world make my bed
Although my parents think me dead
Come bibble-un-a-boose said Lora

  Shule, shule, shule-a mac-a-me
  Shule-a mac-a-rac-stack Sally Bobby-cue
  Shule-a mac-a-rac-stack Sally Bobby Lee
  Come bibble-un-a-boose said Lora

I'll sell my frock, I'll sell my wheel
To buy my lover a sword of steel
So in battle he may wield
Come bibble-un-a-boose said Lora

Printed in Ballads and Songs collected by the Missouri Folk-Lore  Society
  Edited by H.M. Belden
Notes from Belden:
  "Shule" (siubhal) means walk or come; but I am not prepared to guess
from what other syllables this refrain may be perverted.  Barry gives a
form of the refrain in gaelic:
     Siubhal, siubhal, siubhal a run
     Siubhal go sochair, argus siubhal go cun
     Siubhal go den duras, argus eligh liom
     Is go de to, mo muirnin slan
and translates: "Walk, walk, walk my love, walk quietly and walk boldly
Walk to the door and flee with me, Here's a health to you, my darling"
  For bibliography of this favorite Irish song (assigned by Joyce OIFMS
No. 425, to the period after James's defeat at the Boyne, when Irishmen went  as
volunteers into the French army) see Kittredge)
  Texts from Lancashire, Hampshire, Virginia, Mississippi, Ohio

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