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Singers Request

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Singer's Request

Singer's Request
(Nic Jones)

     Dark the night and long til day
     Do not bid us further stray
     Dark the night and long til day
     Do not bid us further stray.

     Now the sun it doth decline
     Pour the beer and pour the wine,
     We can lead your thoughts astray
     From the world or from the day

     We bring songs of history,
     Love and war and mystery
     We can lead you from despair
     Or can cheer the darkening air

     You can choose to pass us by
     With a cruel or scornful eye
     We will see the ending through,
     Then we'll turn and say to you...
     got off the tape of the Ed Trickett,  Cathy Barton, and Dave
     Para  Concert  for  FSGW.  First heard Bob Walser do  it  at
     Indian Neck,  1984.  Based on a text by Sir Walter Scott, on
     Nic Jones' album A Devil to A Stranger.

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