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Signing Up

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Signing Up

Signing Up
(Zeke Hoskin)

    We've got to make her fly this time
      There is no room for doubt
    If your wife and children need you
      Well, they'll have to do without
    Your home, your, health, your sanity
      Don't matter anymore
    We've got to get the project out the door
      On time
    We've got to get the project out the door

Two years ago the masterplan
  Was nothing but a plan
The hardware was a breadboard
  The software was a sham
But now the team's a hundred strong
  The final deadline's near
If you won't sign up
  Then we don't need you here

We started with technology
  The forage of the art
Now Motorola says
  They're going to ship a faster part
And if nobody slips a day
  We'll have a lousy week
Between when it works
  And when it's obsolete

For two long years this project's been
  The focus of our lives
For two years we've been strangers
  To our children and our wivees
We'll have a long vacation
  And our bonuses we'll spend
Then it's back to work
  And do it all again

A sort of computer programming shanty. RG
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