Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Seven Wonders

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The Seven Wonders

The Seven Wonders

1.   I heard it said yesterday morning
     Tull-a-ring-ting, ring-tuthering-too
     That a ship of lead swum o'er the ocean

cho: Tull-a-ring-ting, ring-tuthering-too
     And a ship of cork sank to the bottom
     Tull-a-ring-ting, ring-tuthering-too
     And that is one of the seven wonders
     Tull-a-ring-ting, ring-tuthering-too.

2.   I heard it said of the partridge
     On the shore was playing stoolball
     And the balls were made of sand
     And that is two of the seven wonders.
3.   The burning hawk out in the meadow
     By itself it was reaping
     And in a day it got an acre
     And that is three of the seven wonders.

4.   I heard it said there was a pig
     And on his cart he was loading bracken
     And the load he was making ready
     And that is four of the seven wonders.

5.   I heard it said that in Llangollen
     That the moon was teaching reading
     And an excellent verse she gave there!
     And that is five of the seven wonders.

6.   I heard it said that on a rock
     That the dove she kept a tavern
     With little cups to test the drink
     And that is six of the seven wonders.

7.   I heard it said of the swallow
     That he was making an iron horseshoe
     With golden hammer and silver anvil
     And that's the last of the seven wonders.

- a Welsh song (presumably in translation) from the singing of Jill King.
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