Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Sioux City Sue

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Sioux City Sue

Sioux City Sue
(R. Freedman and R. Thomas)

I drove a herd of cattle down from old New-brasky way
That's how I come to be in the state of Iowa.
I met a gal in Iowa. Her eyes were big and blue.
I asked her what her name was. She said, "Sioux City Sue."

CHO: Sioux City Sue, Sioux City Sue,
     Your hair is red. Your eyes are blue.
     I'd swap my horse and dog for you.
     Sioux City Sue, Sioux City Sue,
     There ain't no gal as true as my sweet Sioux City Sue.

I asked her if she had a beau. She said, "Yes, quite a few."
But still I started courtin' my Sioux City Sue.
The first time that I stole a kiss, I caught her stealin' too.
I asked her did she love me. She said, "Indeed I do."

Now I'm admittin', Iowa, I owe a lot to you.
'Cause I come from New-brasky to find Sioux City Sue.
I'm gonna rope and tie her up. I'll use my old lassoo.
I'm gonna put my brand on my sweet Sioux City Sue.

note:I think it was Homer and Jethro who penned:

     Sioux City Sue, Sioux City Sue,
     Your hair is green. Your teeth are black.
     I want my horse and doggie back...
From the recording by Gene Autry.
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