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Shallow Brown

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Shallow Brown

Shallow Brown

Fare thee well, me Juliana
  Shallow, o shallow brown
Fare thee well, me Juliana
  Shallow, o shallow brown

And it's shallow in the morning
Just as the day was dawning

I've put me clothes in order
For our packet leaves tomorrow

Yes, our packet leaves tomorrow
And it fills me heart with sorrow

For I love to gaze upon you
And to spend me money on you

O you are me only treasure
And I love ye still full measure

In me cradle lies me baby
I don't want no other lady

O my wife and baby grieve me
It just breaks me heart to leave ye

For I'm bound away to leave ye
But I never will deceive ye

Fare the well me Juliana
Fare thee well, me Juliana

recorded by The Boarding Party
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