Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Droylsden Wakes

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Droylsden Wakes

Droylsden Wakes

It's Droylsden Wakes, an' we're comin' to town,
To tell you of sommat of great renown;
An' if this owd jade'll let me begin,
aw'll show you how hard an' how fast Aw can spin,
So it's three-dy-well, three-dy-well, dan dum dill doe,
So it's three-dy-well, three-dy-well, dan dum dill doe.

Thou brags of thysel, but Aw dunno' think it's true,
For Aw will uphold thee, thy faults aren't a few,
For when thou has done, an' spun very hard,
Of this Aw'm well sure, thy work is ill-marred.
So it's etc...

Thou saucy owd jade, thou'd best howd thy tongue,
Or else Aw'll be thumpin' thee ere it be long,
An' if 'at Aw do, thou'rt sure for to rue,
For Aw can ha' mony a one's good as you.
So it's etc...

What is it to me who you can have?
Aw shanno' be long ere Aw'm laid i' my grave,
An' when 'at Aw'm dead, an' ha done what I can,
You may find one 'at'll spin as hard as Aw've done.
So it's etc ...

From "The Penguin Book of English Folk Song" Edited By Ralph Vaughan Williams

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