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I want my buddies and all my friends
To take this warning from me.
Quit your drinking whiskey and live like men;
Don't live like Frankie Dupree.

I went to Atlanta with my sweetheart
We walked into a jewelry store.
I took a diamond while standing there,
But I'll never take no more.

I took that diamond, and I left that shop;
I walked out on the street.
I pulled my pistol, and I shot that cop;
I laid him dead at my feet.

I jumped in my flivver, and I left that town
To make my getaway.
But my sweetheart she didn't come around
So I could not stay away.

And then I was captured and went to trial
And at last the judge did say.
"Frank Dupree, you are just a child,
But you have thrown your life away."

"Oh come here, Mama, and come here quick
And see the last of your son.
You see what rambling and drinking rum
And a sporting life has done."

DT #794
Laws E24
From A. Friedman, Penguin Book of Folk Ballads
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