Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Diggy Liggy Lo

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Diggy Liggy Lo

Diggy Liggy Lo
(J.D. Miller)

 CAPO: 2nd Fret/KEY: A/PLAY: G
 [G] Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy Lo
 Fell in love at the [D7] fais-do-do
 The pop was cold and the coffee *chaud
 For Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy [G] Lo.

 Diggy Liggy [C] Li loved Diggy Liggy Lo
 Everyone [G] knew he was her beau
 No one [D7] else could ever show
 So much love for Diggy Liggy [G] Lo.

 There's a place they find romance
 Where they do the Cajun dance
 Steal a kiss with ev'ry chance
 Show their love with ev'ry glance. Refrain

 Finally went to see her Pa
 Now he's got a Pa-in-law
 Moved out where the Bayou's low
 Now he's got a little Diggy Liggy Lo.

Recorded by Buck Owens (with Don Rich on fiddle/vocal)
 Words and music J. D. Miller
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