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Dundee Cat

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The Dundee Cat

The Dundee Cat

In an attic room in Dundee town
This poor old woman spread the tale around
She lived fifty years in her old top flat
With no other company than her old tom cat
Well, I hope so, say so, fifty years in an old top flat...

Chorus: Poor old woman,,eh.

Now one night they sat by the fire quite glum
When who do you think come down her lum (chimney)
I'm your fairy Godmother, have no fear
To grant three wishes they sent me here
Well, I hope so, say so, I'm your fairy Godmother have no fear...

The old woman looked down at her empty purse
I could always use some cash of course
The fairy waved her wand around
And lying on the floor was a thousand pounds
Well, I hope so, say so, the fairy waved her wand around...

Now a lovely face and a figure divine
For just one night I wish were mine
The fairy says I'll have a go
She made her look like Bridgette Bardot
Well, I hope so, say so, the fairy says I'll have a go...

This lovely girl by the fire she sat
She turned her attention to the old tom cat
He's my only love and here's my plan
Tonight change the cat into a handsome man
Well, I hope so, say so, he's my only love and here's my plan...

This handsome man at last drew near
And her whispered softly in her ear
The night is young but you'll regret
the day you sent me to the vet...!!!

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