Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Dont Go in Them Lions Cage Tonight!

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Don't Go in Them Lion's Cage Tonight!

Don't Go in Them Lion's Cage Tonight!

A mother once she had a lovely daughter,
The mother was an actress on the stage;
She traveled with a troop of awful lions,
And every night went in them lions' cage.
One night the daughter had a premonition,
That everything that night would not be right--
And so she told her mother, in the kitchen,
"Don't go in them lions' cage tonight!"

cho: Don't go in them lion's cage tonight, Mother
     Them lions are ferocious and they bight!
     And in their angry fits, they could tear you all to bits
     So don't go in them lions cage, tonight!

The mother laughed " Ha! Ha!"  to hear this warning
That unto her her daughter tried to give,
Said she "I do not fear them awful lions
Not one of them could make me cease to live!"
She went into that cage of awful lions
The lions were ferocious as could be.
"Alas!" she cried, when one strode up and bit 'er,
"I now recall what daughter said to me."

"Oh who will save my mother" cried the daughter,
"By lions she is being bit and et!"
"I will!" replied a young man from the gallery,
"I'll save your mother from them brutes, you bet!"
He stepped into that cage and grabbed the mother
From lion biting she was almost dead,
"Here is your ma" he said to her, and kissed her
For he the maiden loved and soon did wed.

(spoken: and at the wedding, with scarcely a dry eye in the
house, the assembled guests, as the happy couple walked up the
aisle, sang, as one..."
(from RG's childhood; printed in Pious Friends etc. (Shay)
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