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Doctor Freud 2

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Doctor Freud 2

Doctor Freud 2

     O Mr. Ellis, O Mr. Ellis!
Sex has peculiar angles, as you say;
But I _don't_ see the idear of coitus from the rear,
Though it seems to be the fashion of the day.

     O Dr. Freud, O Dr. Freud!
Do you mean to say that you have never hoid?
The position you suggest, is in fact the very best --
I deny it, Mr. Ellis --
You should try it, Dr. Freud!

     O Mr. Ellis, O Mr. Ellis!
Does a naked woman make you stand erect?
When you're reading Pushkin's verse
And she diddles you or worse,
Does it bother or disturb your intellect?

     O Dr. Freud, O Dr. Freud!
My reactions are extremely anthropoid;
And the sight of her behind
Forces Pushkin from my mind --
     Forces Pushkin, Mr. Ellis? --
     Pushes foreskin, Dr. Freud!
I don't know the time relationship between this and filename DRFREUD, or
which parody parodises the other.

The above is clearly based on vaudeville comic dialogs of Gallagher and
Sheehan. The first half was published in 1927.The second half surfaced in 1947

(sexologist Havelock Ellis 1859-1939,
Dr Siggy Sig Freud 1856-1939)

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