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Doodle Let Me Go(Yeller Gals)

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Doodle Let Me Go (Yeller Gals)

Doodle Let Me Go (Yeller Gals)

I wish I was in Madame Gashay's, down in Callayo,
     Hooraw! Me yeller gals, doodle let me go!

     Doodle let me go, me gals
     Doodle let me go,
     Hooraw! Me yeller gals, doodle let me go!

She guv me gin, she guv me food, she took me to a room.

She swung her hips, she tripped her feet, she winked her sassy eye.

She grabbed me by the bobstay, boys, she danced me 'round the room.

The mate is drunk, the crew is drunk, the ol' man's got a load.

We'll tie a rope 'round Madame Gashay's an' take the place in tow.

Note: described by The Boarding Party as a guano shanty.
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