Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Deirdres Farewell to Alba

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Deirdre's Farewell to Alba

Deirdre's Farewell to Alba

Farewell to fair Alba, high home of the sun.
Farewell to the mountain, the cliff, and the dun.
Dun Sweeny, adieu! For my love cannot stay,
And tarry I must not, when love cries away.

Glen Vashan! Glen Vashan! Where roebucks run free,
Where my love used to feast on the red deer with me,
Where, rocked on thy waters, while stormy winds blew,
My love used to slumber. Glen Vashan, adieu!

Glendaro! Glendaro! Where birchen boughs weep
Honey dew at high noon to the nightingale's sleep.
Where my love used to lead me to hear the cuckoo,
'Mong the high bushes. Glendaro, adieu!

Glenurchy! Glenurchy! Where loudly and long
My love used to wake up the woods with his song,
While the son of the rock, from the depths of the dell,
Laughed sweetly in answer. Glenurchy, farewell!

Glen Etive! Glen Etive! Where dappled does roam,
Where I leave the green sheeling, I first called a home,
Where with me my true love delighted to dwell,
The sun made his mansion. Glen Etive, farewell!

Farewell to Inch Draynagh. Adieu to the roar
Of blue billows bursting in light on the shore.
Dun Figh, farewell! For my love cannot stay,
And tarry I must not when love cries "away."

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